Reiki is the CoCo Cola of the energy world without the calories!

You may have heard of it, you may know someone who does it or you may have had the benefit of a few treatments; yet do you really know what Reiki is?

Reiki actually means Universal Energy or Vital Force Energy so when you experience Reiki you are tapping into the unlimited supply of Universal Energy. Now imagine that you are attuned to Reiki, you have direct access to that source of energy. Every day you can top yourself up before you become low energy and depleted.

Universal energy or Life force energy is everything. We are made of it, it animates us it is the air around us it is everything we touch, see or use in our world. The Level one attunement increases the flow of this energy through you. You simply place your hands on your body and more vital force energy will flow through.

Imagine feeling down and being able to spend a little time accessing more energy replenishing your energetic batteries. Imagine being able to check if your food is fresh enough to eat by using reiki or energising a glass of tap water to improve the taste. Imagine being able to facilitate your child or loved one accessing more energy when they need it just by placing your hands on them. Imagine being able to really relax mind and body even if only for a few minutes wherever you are. Reiki can assist you in all of these areas.

Reiki is a tool you can use for the rest of your life, after just one day of training. Yet if you choose to, Reiki can change your life!  Once you get your body and mind into the routine of giving yourself Reiki regularly, it will love it and want more. Why? Well our bodies and minds use a lot of energy all the time and we rarely give ourselves the luxury of time to restore that energy with the hustle and bustle every day. The result is flopping on the sofa exhausted knowing tomorrow will be just the same.

This wonderful modality is not associated with any religion; it has been practiced in its modern form for over 100 years and supports you accessing more energy at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Your different energy bodies often misalign when dealing with the stresses and strains of the day and you feel this sometimes physically via your low energy level, emotionally by feeling short tempered, or anxious and mentally by not being able to concentrate or buzzing so much you can’t switch off.  Empower yourself by allowing Reiki energy to support you in realigning and topping up your energy to improve your energy level, your feelings of wellbeing and calmer thoughts.

Give yourself the gift of learning Reiki and learn to use this wonderful energy in every aspect of your life.

What is Reiki?

Often when Reiki is mentioned people have heard of it but are not really sure what it is. This lack of understanding can bring with it feelings of doubt or uncertainty if they consider giving it a try and may not get round to it as a result.

Reiki is a method of accessing the universal energy, the energy of everything, the energy which animates us humans and every other creature on earth, the energy which supports all plant and sea life. It is the energy underlying creation.

Every day each of us use this universal energy and if we are well we draw more energy into ourselves to replace the energy used. It is a natural cycle. At night when we sleep our body and mind use less energy so there is more available to heal and maintain our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. But when we are poorly and feel like we just want to curl up in a ball, we are recognizing that our energy is depleted and are pulling it in close to us. We draw less energy too at times like this, so it makes it more challenging to heal ourselves.

What is reiki (2)

It is perfectly natural to want to help others when they are hurt or distressed and this intention is enough to share energy. When a child falls over and cuts its knee the natural reaction of a parent is to place a hand over it, what people may not be aware of is that the child is drawing some of the parent’s energy into the knee and this extra energy helps the child to relax and begin to heal the injury. When a baby is crying and picked up to be cuddled, the baby is drawing some energy from the parent which helps it to relax and calm down.

When a client goes for a Reiki treatment the practitioner is a facilitator placing hands on or near different parts of the body and the client draws the energy they need to help them to heal themselves. The client is in control and will unconsciously take the energy they are receiving to the parts of their physical, emotional, mental or spiritual body which needs it to heal.

The environment is also very relaxing, clients usually lie fully clothed on a therapy couch, covered with a blanket, the lights are dimmed and there is soft music playing in the background.

Reiki Practitioners are attuned as part of their training to channel a lot more energy through their bodies during a treatment than any of us do naturally. So they are not using their own energy, they are drawing in more universal energy and the client is pulling through that energy as needed.

Reiki is a perfectly natural way for us to access more energy when we need a boost and everyone can benefit from it. Just give it a try and see how topping-up our energy really can help us heal ourselves in so many ways.



Are you listening to your body?

Right now as you read this how does your body feel? Are you tired or stressed or just sitting relaxing for a while? Sit for a few moments and close your eyes so you can scan your body and see where there is tension or tiredness or pain. Ask your body what you are doing or not doing which is creating this feeling. Most importantly thank your body for making you aware that you need to change something in your life to release the tension, stress or pain.

Finally a few minutes peace and quiet.

We lead such busy lives, we forget to tune into the most important aspect of our being, which is the body we live in. We expect it to keep going no matter what we choose to do or how many challenges we put it through, yet how often do we listen when it lets us know it needs some support? Usually our body has to floor us in some way to actually make us stop and recognise all is not well. By this time our journey back to health is longer because we ignored the early signs we were given.

All of a sudden the only thing we can focus on is our brokenness and we feel angry our body has let us down. We feel cheated if we are forced to rest and often reach out for a painkiller to magically get rid of the symptoms and get us going again, without really considering why our body is broken. What did we do which was too much to cope with? What were the warning signs that all was not well? If I just hide the symptoms by taking a painkiller and keep doing exactly what I was doing before becoming broken I run the risk of becoming more broken longer term!

A painkiller may bring short term relief, only changes to your actions will bring longer term well-being.  So really give some thought to the messages your body gives you before you become floored and broken enough to need to visit your Doctor for help. Live in harmony by getting to know your energy and recognising when you are becoming depleted.  Then take some physical action, however small, to recharge your batteries and feel great again!

The time is now

Today is a momentous day for you and the whole world, this moment is the only moment you can influence because it is the only opportunity you have to take action, once the moment has passed it will never be again, it has gone for all time as the universe always moves forward not backwards. So many moments are ignored, when you kind of feel your mind has reminded you of something and you just let it go, only to berate yourself later when you forget to do, or go, whatever it was your thought tried to tell you. There are many kinds of thoughts and they do not all come from the same place. There are many which are created by our ego which always has an agenda and not always in our best interest. Some thoughts come from our true self, our higher self, our soul, they are the inspirations which pop into our head, those light-bulb moments, and the off the wall thought which just comes out of nowhere.

Eagle in flight

Listen to yourself more carefully and you will begin to identify which thoughts are being produced by your ego, often these are judgement based, creating fear, worries and concerns. Write them down and you will catch how often you are bombarded with this type of information, it is no wonder we feel our energy sap, feel anxiety build up in our tummies and chest, feel a headache coming on or stress in our shoulders.  The ego is never happier than when it causes you to do what it was originally designed to do, FIGHT or FLIGHT. These two extremes were survival techniques to keep humans aware and alive when society as we know it didn’t exist. Unfortunately, in the world we live in today it just confuses us, makes us fearful, limits our potential, interferes with our relationships and affects our health and wellbeing.

Our ego has also cut so many of us off from our spiritual past, not helped by media creating very scary scenarios to make us fearful and you know, fear breeds fear. Fear attracts fear. So not only is our ego making us fearful, by doing so it is cutting us off from knowing how beautiful our life can truly be. It is creating darkness where there can be light. It is showing us all the bad in the world without true balance. If you could see how much love was being shared around the world, how so many give so much of their love to help others, animals or our planet we may begin to realise that it is worth it. What is IT, well it is why we are here it is the meaning of life.

We are on a journey from the day we are born; however, we are not consciously aware of it. We choose to return to earth to learn and to help with the evolution of mankind. To influence and help each other to make the decisions which will help our planet and our people to evolve and at the heart of all this is love. Since the world began many have walked the earth and every soul has made a difference no matter how short their lives or how insignificant their contribution appears to be.

Every one of us has help from the spirit world available to us if we choose to listen to it and accept it without fear. Many people are particularly sensitive from childhood and not understanding their gifts can be scary for them, particularly if the adults around them also have no understanding. So against this backdrop it is no wonder we struggle and strive sometimes wondering what we are doing in life, why we are here, what is the point? You can do something about it you can just listen to your inner self and start your journey towards the light, towards unlimited love, towards beauty and abundance in all areas of your life.

There are times when a lesson is being learned and nothing seems to go right or we lose a loved one, or a relationship fails or we lose our job and so many other situations or dramas which we lock our minds into and wallow in the what might have been, the if only.., the why did this have to happen? Embracing the situation and knowing that we will get through it just like the sun comes up each day can help but it is important to grieve for loss of any kind before releasing it so you can love again and move on with the rest of your life. Be kind to yourself, allow yourself to really feel and to know that when they pop into your head out of nowhere, celebrate the fact that they are close by and you are listening to your inner self and connecting in some way with your loved one.

No one is beyond help no matter what they have done or why they have done it. No one can know all the events and dramas which led a person to the place they find themselves. Without the possibility of salvation there is no hope. If the fighting and the killing is to ultimately cease there must be a way to forgive those who are at the centre of these situations, otherwise they will never stop because they will always be fearful of the consequences. To stop is to take a step towards the light and immense support is needed to maintain the momentum when those journeys start. The question is can we see beyond the hate, can we find compassion within ourselves to find a better more peaceful way to resolve conflict. Again love is the source, the balm, the way to begin to change and seek a better life.

Are you human or a robot?

If today is no different to any other day are you a robot or are you human? Have you ever really thought about that? We waste so much time in our heads thinking about yesterday or last week or when this or that was in our life and yet more time thinking about what will happen tomorrow or next week or next year or whenever. These thoughts are accompanied by emotions some positive often negative.  We end up not living NOW. We are lost in space and time and unaware of the present moment.Untitled design

Are you with family or friends? If you are what are they doing while you are reading this? You may be in the same room but you are not with them because your energy flows where your intention goes, so really being together is paying attention to each other, listening to each other, sharing the space and energy by being present.

All too often we take for granted those closest to us and go through the motions of being together by following the same routine day in and day out. Perhaps not noticing what they are wearing, or if they are o.k. and worse still only half tuning in to the routine conversation which takes place each day. Is it any wonder people become dissatisfied with their lives and wonder what the point of it is?

Unless we actively choose to be alive to all the depth, colour and possibilities of the moment and participate in creating that moment by absorbing the wonder of it as a child does, by finding laughter and fun in even the most boring activities then we are are just “existing” allowing our body to go through the same process it does every day without real thought or input needed from us.  We are behaving like a robot, because each day is pretty much the same unless we step up to the plate and make a conscious effort to take notice and become aware of those with us, what is around us and what the possibilities are for making our lives really interesting.

If your today is no different to your yesterdays then WAKE-UP you have been allowing your life to pass you by without noticing. You cannot change all those days you have wasted but you can change today! Become aware, take an interest, look for the possibilities to make this day richer and more rewarding with a good dose of fun and laughter.  Be human and retire your robot!



To know yourself, to be yourself, is your right, yet we choose often to see that which is before us with our eyes rather than with our heart. Should you feel moved inside by what you experience then this is your guidance from your higher self to listen and act in alignment with your true self. Today in society we feel compelled to be and do as everyone else does so we fit in. Yet so many of us feel there is something missing from our lives because of this and wonder at the reason we are here just to go through the motions each day and dare to call it living.

When was the last time you looked for the beauty in anything? I mean really looked deeply and felt the connection with the person or creature or item you were looking at. There is so much beauty and wonder all around us if we choose to see it. Our lives deserve to be full of joy each day and we were meant to be in this moment now. Just as you read this you were drawn to it to remind you of what you already know. Take time to really enjoy the little things, look until you feel to truely connect and more of the bigger things will also be attracted to you.

If you sleep walk through your day on autopilot you will be missing the wonders around you which are there for you to discover to feed your heart and soul. Choose to be alive by being in the moment and squeezing joy out of everything you choose to do.



The Power Of Words

There are so many words to choose from which we understand and use regularly, yet when we communicate to others do we really know what the words we have used mean to the other person?

People can be hurt, feel fearful, loved, joyful, sad, angry or lonely when they are on the receiving end of words. Every word communicated carries the energy of the meaning of that word and care is needed so that the effect on another person is what is intended. Often upsets and disagreements occur simply because the intended meaning is misunderstood by the person on the receiving end.

Comedians make a living finding and using words intentionally which create a double meaning to make us laugh. Heard in this context we can understand the power of words. Why then is there a tendency to hear the negative meaning of words? How often have words been spoken first with little thought and then regretted by the speaker when the reaction from the other person was not what was intended? Equally how often have words been heard which seem out of character with the person using them, yet offence is taken.
Knowing the power words carry, listen for the positive as like attracts like. If the listener’s focus is on the negative words more of the same will be heard as the energy being felt is negative. Choose not to buy into negative energy and happier outcomes will be the result.


Being Compassionate

Before you worry about being too careful or too reckless what should you do? It would be appropriate to consider how the action aligns with being compassionate. This is the way we grow within ourselves. Too often it is easy to take action first and consider the impact and consequences of that action when it is too late to do anything about it. Once we release the energy into the atmosphere it cannot be taken back. The ripple effect on people and/or the planet will follow through. Everything is energy, not just actions but thoughts too. A thought does not have to be spoken out for it to release and impact yourself and others. This is why you should be kind to yourself and love yourself. If you are unkind to yourself constantly you will become run down and possibly be more susceptible to illness. This is also true if you have unkind thoughts about others, not only will they suffer but you will too because of the negative energy being created.

Just think how different life could be if you let go of the past and lived each day as if it was your last. I am sure the last thing on you mind would be bad mouthing someone for a transgression against you. If it was your last day most likely you would want to spend it with those you love around you, doing things you love, making sure they know how you feel. This is where compassion can help. None of us can get in each other’s heads or have any real idea of how life experiences have made a person the way they are. What we can all do is to use compassion wherever possible to allow for instances where a person may say or do something which would normally cause upset. Do not judge or jump to conclusions accept it for what it is and move on. By letting go of any frustration or anger which you might normally have felt you are stopping the spread of negative energy. If you react the other person may also react and escalate the flow of negative energy. A vicious circle sucks in more negativity. A virtuous circle encourages more positivity.

There is so much hate in the world we all have a responsibility to balance it out with the spread of kindness, forgiveness and love which manifests itself as compassion. It is challenging to change the way you think, yet the payoff is immense, less negative energy leads to a happier life.



The Fear Within

Fear is within all of us and we see it all around us manifesting as worry, stress, depression, anxiety etc. It is the single most challenging feeling holding each and every one of us back. The more we are able to see through our fears and follow our dreams, the closer we will come to the future we desire. Much of the fear we experience is based on past experiences or ‘conditioning’ to put it another way. As a child you may have experienced or observed situations which resulted in pain or fear and these are lodged deep in your sub-conscious influencing your decisions and actions still today!

There is no better time to watch and listen to yourself, your language, your choices and your actions. See if you can spot what causes those reactions and feelings which trigger your worry, stress, depression or anxiety which may link back to a previous experience. Then be kind to yourself, allow yourself time to look at what it was, why it made you feel fearful and know that you are no longer a vulnerable child, you have made a life for yourself. You can choose to react differently and the consequences will be different to those you previously experienced. Take your time, choose something small to start with and see how different you feel when you react in a different way. Smile every time you choose to react in a different way and let that smile reach deep inside you, helping your sub-conscious to accept ‘it is ok’ there is nothing to be afraid of. You are very likely to find others who know you well will notice any changes in you, accept their comments as confirmation you are making progress, becoming a more grounded and confident person.

If we can release the past we will be much happier and more able to enjoy the present moment. To be in the moment, we need to be more aware of our thought’s drifting off and the reaction those thoughts provoke in our body. By catching ourselves before we replay the whole drama in our head and begin to feel down we can choose to let the thought go and by doing so minimise the negative feelings which usually follow.

To let a thought go we can help ourselves by focussing on our  ‘in’ breath and our ‘out’ breath, feel it as it moves through the body, all the way in and then all the way out. This allows space to let the thought pass through without hooking into the detail. Then consciously become more aware of where we are now, and focus in detail on what we are doing and our surroundings or who we are with. If we are talking to someone, actively listen to the person, which means using our ears, mind and our eyes. Notice their body language; listen to the conversation with the intention being to understand, and let them finish rather than jumping in to speak.

With practice and patience we will become more able to identify and let go of the negative feelings which serve no purpose today and by doing so be in and enjoy this moment more, savour the feeling, after all this is the feeling we are striving for happiness!

The more you give, the more you receive

Be thoughtful whenever you have the opportunity, a small gesture can mean a lot to the person on the receiving end. Never expect thanks, but accept graciously when given. Know that every good deed and selfless act will one day be returned tenfold. The more you give, the more you receive.  The greatest gift you can share is selfless love with no discrimination or judgement, after all we cannot always know in advance if our help is wanted yet to offer is your opportunity give.

Fear not that you will be refused for the offer has been made; the person knows that someone is there for them and even if they struggle on alone, they have the knowledge that someone cared enough to volunteer assistance. This will make a positive difference to that person and influence how they feel in themselves.

Being there for someone can change their life. Can you think back to a time when you were offered a helping hand, did it make a positive difference? If so you can pass on that same feeling to someone else.Mom and Nan